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Kadima is a beach paddle ball game for all ages played without a net.

Traditionally, two players use round wooden racquets to volley a rubber ball back and forth.

The goal is to keep playing as long as you can before the ball drops in the sand.

To get better, you can practice against a wall.

However, the ball won’t return with as much force as it would if it had been returned by another person.

Kadima provides exercise and improves hand and eye coordination.

The game appears to have originated in Israel in the 1920s where it is called Matkot. The name comes from the Hebrew word for racquet.

There are variations that include more than two players, teams, and scoring.

Teams of two can compete to see which team can outlast the other teams.

The winning team scores a point.

The team that reaches five points first is the overall winner.

Two players can also compete with each other for points. Court boundaries are set and players must hit the ball into the other player’s side.

The ball is served and players volley until it drops or goes out of bounds.

A point is awarded to the player who didn’t cause the ball to drop or go out of bounds. The players set the winning score and must win by two points.

For a multiple player team game, teams with an equal number of three or more players are separated by an equal distance and volley the ball between the team members.

If a player misses the ball and it drops that player leaves the round. A team is eliminated from the round when they only have one player.

The last team remaining wins a point and all players return to the game for the next round.

The first team to reach five points is the overall winner.

Another version of the game is played with all the players standing in a circle.

The first player bounces the ball on their paddle twice, then passes it to the next player.

The next player bounces the ball three times and passes it.

The number of times the ball is bounced is increased by one each time the ball is passed until a player drops it.

The player who drops the ball loses a point and begins the play over again starting with two bounces.

When a player loses five points, they are eliminated from the game. The last player left in the game is the winner.

What types of sets work well for Kadima?

Kadima sets include a 2.25-inch diameter, hollow rubber ball and two flat, round, wooden paddles that are 13 to 17-inches long including the handle and 6 to 8-inches wide.

The paddles have short, plastic or carbon fiber handles with foam, plastic or rubberized-grips.

Some paddles are made of fiberglass which provides a faster ball return.

The paddles weigh 12 to 18 ounces.

The grips are on the top and bottom of the paddle handles and not on the edges.

Kadima or paddleball sets look similar to pickleball sets. However, pickleball is played with plastic wiffle balls with holes in the ball.

If you are outfitting your family, you may want to explore value packs.

The packs may offer multiple sets, extra balls, and carrying bags. Having extra sets allows you to include others in the fun.

Extra balls means the fun doesn’t stop if you lose a ball.

In addition, when you buy a set, you may want to buy two sets so that you have extra identical paddles in case one paddle breaks.

What to look for in a good Kadima set

The type of material used for the paddles affects the quality, durability, and price of the set.

Some of the wood used in paddles includes sapele, pine, beech wood, and the more expensive maple.

Unfinished wood paddles can splinter, while finished wood paddles can last longer.

Kadima sets on the lower end of the price spectrum may not be as durable.

Even though your initial investment may be less with lower-priced sets, if you have to replace your equipment too often, you are not really saving money.

Intermediately priced sets provide more durable paddles with better grips. The most expensive sets can have fiberglass paddles.

For better control, the rubber in the rubber ball reduces some of energy from the contact with the paddle.

However, the balls retain some bounce.

While designs don’t affect the playability of kadima sets, designs do add to the desirability of kadima sets for many people.

Designs include wooden inlays and painted floral patterns, stripes, and other designs.

Of course, if the paddle is unfinished, you can sand and paint it yourself.

To clean grips, wipe them with alcohol. Don’t immerse paddles in water.

To prevent warping or deterioration of wooden paddles, your kadima set should be stored in a cool and dry location.

Best Kadima Set

There are a number of kadima sets that may work well for your game. It’s a good idea to always consult an industry professional before using any new product.

The following sets may work well for your game.

Frescobol Fiberglass Beach Paddle ball set, Official frescobol ball, beach tote bag

The Vero fiberglass paddleball set provides two fiberglass paddles, a red ball, and a tote bag.

Fiberglass paddles provide shock absorption, better control, and increase the speed of the ball.

The speed makes them more suitable for experienced players.

These Vero paddles are perfectly balanced helping to create longer rallies.

They are made in Brazil, feature an abstract design, and weigh 11 to 12 ounces. They can survive extreme weather conditions and offer a lifetime guarantee.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

Vero Frescobol American Walnut Wood Paddleball Set, Official Balls, Beach Bag, USA

The Vero American Walnut paddleball set includes two paddles, two balls, and a bag.

The grips on these paddles are designed for hot, humid, and wet conditions.

Treatment with teak oil causes water to run off the paddles. The padded grips have a twin-channel system that is more comfortable and allows for air flow.

For a firm grip, the paddles have a high-tack elastomer surface.

At 11 ounces, the 17.5-inch long x 8-inch wide paddles are made of honeycomb-structured, marine-grade wood.

They are balanced and durable.

As a Florida family-owned paddle ball manufacturer of 15 years, Vero Frescobol™ offers a lifetime guarantee.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

Hammer Crown Frescobol Paddle Ball Set (Beach Stripes)

The Hammer Crown Paddleball Set has two 11 to 13-ounce, 16.5-inch long x 7.75-inch wide, wooden paddles, a 2.25-inch diameter ball, and a bag.

The paddles are composed of nine individual pieces of sapele, pine, and beech wood bonded to create a striped design.

They have neoprene grips as well as a sand- and water-resistant finish.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Frescobol Starter Set, 2 Vero Wood Paddles, Premium Orange Padded Grips, 2 Official Orange Balls, Beach Tote-Bag

The Vero Frescobol Starter Set offers two nine-ounce, 16.75-inch long x 7.75-inch wide paddles, two balls, and a bag.

The paddles are made of honeycomb-structured poplar that provides balance, durability, and a sweet spot with higher ball accuracy.

The rubber paddle grips jettison moisture. This paddle ball set includes a lifetime guarantee.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

Nisha Paddle Ball Beach Games | Premium Set of 2 Smash Rackets, 2 Balls & Free Tennis Grips | Official Smashball Included | Thick Plastic Case

The Nisha paddleball set features two balls, two paddles made with thick pieces of wood, and a bag.

The thick wood paddles have greater durability.

The non-slip grips were designed to fit well to provide a comfortable play experience.

You can feel the strength of the thicker wood when you make a hard return. Nisha provides a lifetime warranty for this paddleball set.

View at Amazon for more information on how this paddle might work with your game.

Frescobol Starter Set, 2 Vero Wood Paddles, Premium White Padded Grips, Neoprene Case, 2 Official Red Balls

The blue Vero paddleball starter set includes two wooden nine-ounce, 16.75-inch long x 7.75-inch wide paddles, two balls, and a bag.

The white padded grips on the paddles shed moisture. This paddleball set has a lifetime guarantee.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this paddle could work for you.

Pro Kadima Paddle Set Plus Replacement Smash Balls Bundle Set of 4 Paddles with 2 Balls, Plus 6 Replacement Smash Balls! (2)

The Sport Design paddleball bundle set includes four paddles and eight balls.

This will provide a good starter set.

You will have extra paddles so more people can play and to replace any paddles that may break. You will have extra balls if one is lost.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

The variety of paddleball sets included in this review spans a range of prices.

In most cases, the price indicates the quality of the paddles.

Most paddles are made of wood with the more expensive sets offering the more durable paddles.

Whether wood paddles are finished also affects their durability. The most expensive paddles are made of fiberglass.

Fiberglass paddles provide more speed to the ball, better accuracy, and greater durability.

The grips add comfort and can improve your playing ability.

The materials used for grips include foam, plastic and rubber.

If you will be playing a lot and playing robust games, you should consider some of the higher quality sets.

In addition, having extra paddles and balls allows you to include more people in the fun.

So look through the sets included in this review and select the set that provides the paddle quality needed for how often and how rigorously your family will play.

As mentioned, higher quality sets can be well worth the extra money you pay for them.

Remember to just wipe the grips with alcohol and don’t immerse the paddles in water.

In addition, store your paddleball set in a cool and dry location.

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