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Pickleball balls are a staple of the sport, but do you know how to choose a good set?

Today we’ll explore the characteristics of the best indoor pickleball balls and share with you the process for selecting balls that will serve you well on the pickleball court.

So, what factors should you consider when you purchase pickleball balls?

What makes great indoor pickleball balls?

The next time that you add pickleball balls to your gear, consider the following characteristics to make the decision that is best for your game and playing style.


While you will eventually have to replace your pickleball balls, you don’t want to replace them at an unnecessarily high rate.

To avoid this, choose balls that are durable. 

If you closely inspect the construction and manufacturing processes, you will be able to discern which balls are built to last and which products will crack during the first game.

Always select pickleball balls that are made using strong plastic that is intended for high impact sports.

Also, consider the molding process of the balls.

Do the balls have a seam? If so, how is it sealed?

The absence of a seam indicates that the balls are formed using a single mold, which eliminates the potential weakness at the juncture where the two sides meet.

Dual sided pickleball balls are sometimes prone to cracking at the seam, but this is not always the case.

If you use pickleball balls with a seam, learn how the seam is sealed and choose a manufacturer that strives to avoid cracking.

Shape retention

While single mold balls may have an edge on strength, they are not able to retain their shape as well as dual pour balls.

The seam allows pickleball balls to expand and conform to the requirements of the energy that moves through the ball during a hit, allowing them to return to their original shape once the energy leaves.

This flexibility helps maintain the playability of the balls, allowing them to retain their original shape after many games.

In general, dual sided balls will remain playable for longer than single mold balls which are less able to retain their shape.


Balance is one of the most important features of pickleball balls. 

Balance allows pickleball balls to fly along their true path, increasing the accuracy and precision of your shots.

Good balance supports fun, competitive game play.

How can you tell if a ball is well-balanced?

Look for an even distribution of precision drilled holes.

Inspect the holes to ensure that they are smooth and of the same size and shape. 

Most indoor pickleball balls have around 26 holes, but it’s not uncommon to see over 40 holes in outdoor balls.

Uniformity and consistent drilling are the most important features to observe for balance.


This feature ultimately boils down to personal preference and court atmosphere.

Think about the specific area where you intend to play pickleball. 

The goal with this consideration is to find a color and design that will give you the highest level of contrast during game play.

Why is contrast important?

Contrast helps you visually track the ball’s movement and anticipate spin.

This capability ultimately allows you to plan your next move and return the ball with success.

The better you can anticipate the movement and trajectory of the ball, the better you can prepare to execute yoru return shot.

On the other hand, it also helps you anticipate your opponent’s ability to return the ball, which helps you prepare yourself for the return.

Some players choose their pickleballs based on their favorite color, an option, but making your selection based on environmental contrast will serve your pickleball game much better in the long run.

Pickleballs typically come in either white or orange, but it’s unheard of to see other colors, too.

What pickleball ball color do you prefer to use?

Best indoor pickleball balls

If you are going to be one of the best pickleball players around, you need to use the best pickleball balls!

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best pickleball balls on the market for your review.

Take a look at the products below! Let us know which one is your favorite choice!

Onix Pure 2 Indoor Pickleball Ball

If you are a serious pickleball player, you must consider the Onix Pure 2 Indoor Pickleball Ball!

Onix is becoming one of the largest names in pickleball. 

Their reputation stems from their high quality products and dedication to moving the intense game of pickleball forward.

These Onix Pure 2 balls come in bright orange to provide you with a high level of contrast against the court for visual tracking.

They are made of strong synthetic material so that they will stay strong for hit after hit.

So, what keeps veteran pickleball players coming back to the Onix Pure 2?

These pickleball balls offer players incredible accuracy. 

With True Flight Technology, they stay on their intended path once you send them buzzing back across the court.

They are incredibly reliable, thanks to their Authentic Bounce Technology. 

With this innovation, you can count on the bounce to be consistent after every shot. 

Onix prides themselves on providing players with the most natural bounce possible, and this product certainly lives up to that expectation.

Onix Pure 2 Indoor Pickleball Balls are very durable. 

Thanks to the exceptional seam welding that goes into their manufacturing process, they resist splitting and remain intact for many games. 

The smooth seam is designed for maximum durability and longevity. 

Since they’re poured into two identical halves, they are entirely symmetrical. 

This construction gives the balls an elasticity that allows them to retain their shape upon impact. 

Such a strong juncture helps keep the pickleball balls strong even in the most intense game play. 

You’ll love the consistent flight path of the Onix 2 Indoor pickleball balls!

They also offer players a very high level of balance that aids in their playability.  

With such incredible balance, these balls reach their center of gravity very quickly while they are spinning. 

Complete with extra-large precision drilled holes, these pickleball balls will be a terrific addition to your pickleball set.

Of course, they meet USAPA requirements for indoor pickleball tournament play.

As you can see, Onix Pure 2 Indoor Pickleball balls will make a great addition to your pickleball game!

Franklin Sports X-26 Indoor Pickleballs – USAPA Approved

Franklin Sports X-26 Indoor Pickleballs offer you slightly different benefits than the Onix 2’s that we discussed above.

For example, X-26’s are made of bright blue plastic material. Each package of Franklin pickleball balls comes with three balls.

These balls are great for play on a variety of pickleball court types such as gym floors, tennis courts, and concrete. 

Now, you can enjoy the convenience of having one set of pickleball balls for all of your favorite courts!

You will also love the way that these balls bounce the same way every time, even after use in several games!

They offer players a very consistent bounce hit after hit. You will love the reliability of these indoor pickleball balls!

Franklin Sports X-26’s are manufactured using a very durable construction technique that ensures their stability during your games.

What makes these pickleball balls so durable?

The dual sided design allows that ball to absorb shock and conform to the necessary shape after impact, which protects its integrity and preserves it’s form.

Experts say that the X-26 pickleball balls are some of the best in the business due to their superb accuracy, balance, and durability.

What is your favorite part about the X-26’s?

HAIXING Pickleball Balls, Premium Indoor and Outdoor PickleBalls – 26 and 40 Holes Durable and High Visibility for Pickleball Games(12pack)

Last but not least, we must consider Haixing Pickleball Premium Indoor and Outdoor Balls.

These high visibility pickleball balls come in options of 26 and 40 precision drilled holes.

Haixing Pickleball Balls are rotationally molded so that they are formed in one solid piece, adding to the strength and durability of the design.

Constructed using high quality HDPE, they are well-suited to stay strong through the most intense games of pickleball.

They are very long-lasting, and they are manufactured in a fashion that helps them resist splitting even after the most powerful collisions

Their optimally designed hole pattern and ideal weight give these balls the ability to fly straight and true along their path.

Serious pickleball players will appreciate the reliability and straight path that these pickleball balls take.

They offer you a consistent bounce on both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts.

With this versatility of play, you can take these pickleball balls on the court of your choosing!

There is no longer the need to carry two sets of balls for all of your games!

All of Haixing Pickleball Balls are covered by a quality assurance money back guarantee. 

Haixing wants all of their customers to be completely satisfied with every purchase, and they will right the situation if you are unhappy with your product.

Haixing pickleball balls are made with incredible quality and design.

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