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Almost all major pickleball brands now have at least one elongated paddle. This is due to the increasing popularity, especially among singles players, for the oversized paddles. 

These oversized paddles are also called blade style or long bodied paddles.

These paddles give you an extra reach for covering the court alone when you play singles.

In this article, we will discuss some important factors to consider when selecting the right paddle for you, as well as a consideration of the pros and cons of these popular paddles in our quest to find the best elongated pickleball paddle.

Factors to consider when selecting a pickleball paddle

The paddle is longer and is sometimes considered to be more challenging to play with.

The thin shape and the narrow sweet spot are the reasons for this. 

Considered a specialty paddle by some, the paddles are becoming popular for those players coming to pickleball from tennis. 

  • Paddle Shape: Some elongated paddles have a very narrow shape giving you the thinnest hitting surface and concentrated sweet spot. Players who want a wider sweet spot and hitting surface may not like sacrificing length. 
  • Handle Size: Traditional paddle handles are 5 inches. Some of the elongated paddles have very short handles at 4 inches. 

If your grip style doesn’t work well with a short handle, you may need an elongated paddle that has a traditional grip length. 

For example: if you are a player who chokes up on the handle placing a finger on the paddle face. 

Pros and Cons of Elongated Paddles  


  • Power: The longer paddle will allow you to add a whipping action adding a boost of power to long drives and giving extra strength to your serve. 
  • Reach: The extra length gives you a few inches of extra reach. As we mentioned above, in singles you need to cover the entire court alone! Shorter players can also benefit from the longer length in order to help in reaching shots. 
  • Handle Length: As mentioned above some of these paddles are 4 inches long. For players who use the grip that is compatible with this length, they can use more of the available area for the hitting surface. 


  • Maneuverability: Many of these paddles are light weight however the longer shape of the blade can feel heavier because of the extra length of the paddle as you hold it out. This can be more of a challenge in a controlled, shorter game. 
  • Sweet Spot: If you are used to a wide body paddle and are adjusting to the narrow paddle dimensions, there can be a learning period. The long narrow sweet spot can be hard to hit consistently at first. 

Best Elongated Pickleball Paddle

Two major pickleball brands are represented below that may prove a good place to start when searching for the right elongated pickleball paddle.

It’s important to always consult an industry professional before choosing and using any new product for your game.

HEAD Radical XL Pickleball Paddle

According to the manufacturer: “The Head’s XL radical Pickleball paddle features Head’s dynamic power shape in an extra large size, creating a large sweet spot and a thicker OTC honeycomb polymer core for incredible power and comfort. 

The graphite hitting surface combined with the extreme spin technology and a comfort grip gives you amazing pop and more feel with every swing.”

Features include:

  • Head Performance: Head has constantly pushed athletic equipment into the modern era. By bringing those decades of experiences and keen attention to detail to all racquet sports; Head offers nothing but the best pickleball equipment on the market. 
  • The Graphite Advantage: The lightweight pickleball paddles feature Head’s graphite hitting surface that offers a superior feel and increased control for the competitive player. 
  • Textured: Extreme spin texture on the face of the paddle offers better grip on the ball for increased spin and shot placement. 
  • Designed for Pros: This graphite paddle takes advantage of Head’s most advanced technology. A polypropylene honeycomb core is paired with a new ergo grip for the perfect touch with minimal vibration.

Specifications include:

  • Materials: PP+CF polymer polypropylene
  • Thickness: 13.0mm or 1/2inches 
  • Weight: 215g or 7.6 ounces
  • Length: 430mm or 17 inches
  • Width: 179mm or 7 inches 
  • Grip Size: 107mm or 4 ¼ inches
  • USAPA approved

This racquet is beneficial, as it provides additional reach and accuracy. This is especially beneficial if you are playing a taller or stronger opponent.

You’ll also be able to reach for shots you may not have otherwise been able to get.

The grip is beneficial, as it does not slip easily.

It has a flat rim band that is closer to the paddle face. Other paddles may have a rim band that is thicker and pointed.

This is a well-balanced racquet that provides an elongated sweet spot and additional reach, offering significant control, spin, and power, making it great for hitting both high and low shots.

View the HEAD Radical XL Pickleball Paddle at Amazon to learn more about how this product may work for your game.

Prime Pickleball Paddles. Textured Composite Fiberglass Surface, Comfortable Grip, Lightweight

According to the manufacturer: “Pegasus Premium Pickleball Paddle is composite textured with a comfortable grip. This is a high quality pickleball paddle.

The PP core and textured composite face give you an excellent feel and also the pop most players are looking for. 

The Pegasus works well for beginner and advanced players. With its comfortable grip and large sweet spot players will get outstanding power and control.”

Features and details include:

  • Composite fiberglass face: The composite material with a textured surface helps improve your ability to get spin on the ball and control your shots without sacrificing power. The composite face is made of fiberglass. This is a great surface to use as it helps you get the power you want. It will also give you pop without losing control from over hitting. The face is then textured with a sand paper like finish to give you a little extra control and spin. 
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene core: This is becoming the most popular core material as the less deflective core allows for more control without sacrificing power. It is also the thickest core on the market. 
  • Grip: Comfortable 4 ¼ grip
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces

Most Common Praises about the Pegasus Premium Pickleball Paddle

  • The handle is thick, but has just the right amount of softness, so that you can grip very firmly but still achieve the finesse needed at the net. 
  • The face of the paddle is textured which gives a lot of action on the ball.
  • Well constructed and great quality for the price

More positive comments on the Pegasus Premium

  • Light but not too light 
  • Easy to handle quick shots 
  • Large sweet spot for added power
  • Weight feels light but sturdy
  • Textured surface puts nice spin on the ball

View the Prime Pickleball Paddles. Textured Composite Fiberglass Surface, Comfortable Grip, Lightweight at Amazon to learn more about how this product may work for you.

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