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Beach tennis is arguably the most fun sport to play near the water! It’s an up and coming game that is sweeping across the United States. 

If you want to get in on the action, you must have the right equipment to begin playing.

Today, we’re here to help you choose one of the best beach tennis rackets so that you can enjoy this unique sport.

Things to consider when purchasing a beach tennis racket

What should you consider when purchasing a new beach tennis racket?

Your choice depends on several factors discussed below. 

What’s the bottom line? 

Choose a beach tennis racket that will help you perform your best and have a great time on the beach!

Reactivity and control

When you are choosing a new beach tennis racket, select a racket that will give you a good level of reactivity and control.

Reactivity, control, and power are directly intertwined.

Here’s the relationship among these three factors: the greater the reactivity, the greater the power, and the more reduced the control.

The opposite is also true.

If you are a novice beach tennis player, or if you are simply looking for an affordable product that you can test on the beach occasionally, you should choose a racket that’s on the softer side.

Soft rackets offer you greater control, less reactivity, and less power.

While this may not seem like a positive attribute of a beach tennis racket, it’s actually a significant advantage while you are learning the sport. 

Rackets that provide greater shot control allow you to hone your beach tennis skills and learn the correct form.

As you learn more about the sport and practice, your skills will advance, and you will be able to handle rackets that are more responsive.

As your skills advance, you will likely want to upgrade to a stronger, more reactive racket.

This will add more speed to your game, and you’ll be more successful at higher levels of competition.

However, until you are an advanced beach tennis player, it’s better to use rackets that are on par with your skill level.

Racket composition and durability

Racket composition is directly tied to the points above, and it also sets the bar for the durability of your racket.

Choose a racket that is made of strong, durable materials so that it will last for summers to come. 

Carbon fiber is a good choice for the racket composition; birch wood can work fairly well, too.

Again, the best material for your situation depends on the intensity of your beach tennis game. 

If you are a casual player who simply wants to have a little fun on the beach every now and then, you do not need to invest in a racket that is made of the finest materials.

But, if you want to purchase the finest beach tennis racket available, choose a carbon based racket.

This material is a highly durable choice that will last for a very long time.

Shot comfort

You also need to consider the shot comfort of your racket. What do we mean by shot comfort? 

When the beach tennis ball connects with your racket, a pulse probably shoots up your wrist and arm.

How does this feel?

Does the shock throw off your game, or is it a welcome feeling of placing a powerful shot?

If this vibration feels painful or uncomfortable, then you should choose another racket.

Note that the shot comfort depends on the material and reactivity of the beach tennis racket.

For example, more powerful rackets with a higher reactivity rating are more likely to send a greater level of shock throughout your arm.

However, less reactive rackets will absorb more of the shock, and you will not feel nearly as much of the reverberations.

There is not a right answer to the question of how much shock you should or should not feel, but you do need to consider how this will affect your game play. 

This is another reason that less experienced players will most likely prefer softer, less reactive rackets.

Until you get used to the rhythm of the game and the shot impact, a less reactive racket will be more gentle on your wrist and arms.

Handle and grip

Last but not least, consider the handle and the grip of the racket. 

Again, this area of the racket has a lot to do with your comfort while you play beach tennis. 

Choose a handle that is soft and comfortable in your hand. 

Make sure that it is water-resistant and durable enough to endure the harsh elements of the beach.

If possible, choose a handle that is sweat resistant. 

You will most likely be playing beach tennis in the hottest months of the summer, and your hands will heat up and sweat as you play.

A sweat resistant handle will maximize your playing time and keep you comfortable throughout the game.

The best way to determine if a handle is right for you is to simply feel it. Grip the racket in your hand as though you are playing on the beach, and notice how the grip fits in your hand.

Can you properly hold the racket? Does the handle feel too large for your finger and hand?

The handle of the racket must both fit well in your hand and smoothly react to your movements.

So, before you settle on a new beach tennis racket, take a few practice swings to imitate how the racket will perform during a game.

Can you move with your natural motions and strokes? Does the racket support your natural beach tennis rhythm?

If the handle is not both comfortable and supportive of your playing style, you will not enjoy playing with this racket.

You will adjust to the racket some over time, but if you can’t stand the way a racket feels in the beginning, you will probably not like it long term. 

It’s much better to begin with a quality racket that matches your beach tennis style well.

Best beach tennis rackets

If you’re ready to hit the beach with some of the best beach tennis rackets available, here are a couple of great options for you to try.

Vero Frescobol American Birch Wood Beach Frescobol Paddle Set, Two Official Balls, Tote-Bag, USA

One of the best beach tennis racket products is the Vero Frescobol American Birch Wood Beach Frescobol Paddle Set.

This complete beach tennis set comes complete with two high quality American birch wood frescobol paddles along with official red and orange frescobols.

This set has been manufactured in Florida since 2001, and people have been hooked on it ever since!

These paddles are equipped with an incredible thick, elastomer padded grip that will allow you to hold onto the paddles even when you’re hot and tired from playing.

With such a great grip, you can play in whatever conditions the summer throws at you! You’ll be able to hand onto the paddle even in the middle of wind and rain (and after a dip in the ocean!).

This grip is very comfortable, complete with an air flow system that works to keep your hands dry and cool on the hottest summer days.

These paddles are very lightweight, allowing you to react quickly and enjoy fast paced game play.

And, Vero knows the importance of convenience, so they even include an easy-carry storage back for simple transportation.

With your new Vero Frescobol birch wood beach set, you’ll enjoy fun with the whole family on the beach.

Kids can develop their hand-eye coordination, and adults can enjoy a game of friendly competition.

This set comes with a lifetime guarantee for your protection and comfort.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

GRANDCOW Beach Tennis Paddle Racket Carbon Fiber with EVA Memory Foam Core Tennis Padel

Grandcow is one of the biggest names in beach tennis gear, and it’s easy to see why.

They offer you superb quality, and they are very dependable.

What makes Grandcow’s beach tennis paddle rackets stand out from the crowd?

First, consider their graphite composite surface. 

This unique, strong material offers you an exceptional level of performance with every hit. 

You’ll love the high speed response to impact that these rackets add to your game.

Plus, the EVA Memory Foam Core adds to the competition with a new and improved hole distribution that offers more stability and increased control. 

The thoughtfully designed handle is extremely comfortable and offers you a fantastic grip. 

Now, you can play beach tennis for hours on end, and your hand will still feel good! 

The soft handle absorbs significant shock, even from your strongest shots, and allows you to be comfortable even after a hard smash. You will thoroughly enjoy the non-slip, sweat-resistant handle!

This racket is easy to control, partially thanks to the matte surface that allows you to add spin to your shots and perfect your soft touch control.

Each paddle undergoes rigorous factory quality testing before they hit the shelves to ensure that you purchase a superior beach tennis racket every time you order.

View at Amazon for more information on how this racket could potentially work for your game.

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