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Spending a fun day on the beach with your friends and family is one of life’s best pastimes.

Of course you have all the essentials packed in your day bag, but what tennis balls should you bring?

Beach tennis is quickly growing in popularity. It’s a fun way to connect with friends and family, and you’ll love the fast-paced nature of the game.

Beach tennis balls are a fun item to take to the beach for the whole family – including your furry best friend!

How can you choose the best beach tennis balls?

Let’s find out!

We want you to make a great decision so that you can have as much fun on the beach as possible.

What to look for in beach tennis balls

If you are going to try a new sport, you need the right equipment. 

To get the most out of beach tennis, choose balls that are durable and made for the sport.

We’re here to help you make a good decision so you can simply toss the tennis balls in your beach bag and head out for a great day by the water!


Durability is extremely important when it comes to choosing a great tennis ball to pack for the beach.

Ideally, you want to find a tennis ball that will hold its own against the elements.

You tennis balls will be exposed to sand, water, sun, heat, and more during a day on the beach.

Low quality balls quickly degrade under these conditions.

Not only will you find yourself in the position of needing new tennis balls in this case, but the decaying tennis balls litter the beach.

So, it’s in your best interest to invest in quality tennis balls that will stay strong for many beach trips to come!

How can you tell if a tennis ball is durable?

Look at the manufacturer rating.

If you can easily peel substantial amounts of fuzz off the outside of the ball, it will not last long on the beach.

It’s normal for a minimal amount of fuzz to fall off during play, but this should subside with wear.

Also, look at the seams.

Are they strong? Inspect them for cracks. If they are cracked when they come out of the can, they will continue to crack and eventually deflate.

Look for beach tennis balls that are made from durable material that will hold up against the elements on the beach.


The best size of tennis ball for you depends on your intended use! If you intend to play beach tennis with your beach tennis balls, stick to regulation sized equipment!

However, many people pack their beach tennis balls for other uses on the beach.

While we do not recommend this for the longevity or play quality of your balls, we realize that this may be your intent.

For example, do you want to play catch with your friends?

Will you play fetch with your dog?

Or, do you actually want to play tennis on the beach?

Beach tennis balls come in a variety of sizes ranging from the size of standard tennis balls to balls that are similar in size to a dodgeball.

Keep in mind that larger balls are easier to locate against the background of the beach, but small balls are better for long distance throwing and movement.

Surface material

The surface material dictates how the ball will bounce and roll. Again, this point is based on your intended use for the balls.

Dense felt materials typically roll well on the beach, but solid rubber exteriors roll even further.

Sand will slow the movement of balls with rough exterior textures, minimizing rolling ability.

Also consider how the surface material will feel in your hands if you intend to play catch on the beach!

Soft felt will maintain a cool surface temperature and will slightly compress when it comes into contact with your hands.

On the other hand, the sun will heat rubber balls, raising their temperature as you spend more time on the beach. 

Rubber tennis balls are also slicker and will lose their grip when wet.

Bounce and rubber

Consider the amount of bounce that you desire in your beach tennis balls.

Bounce is directly related to the type and quality of rubber of the balls.

Choose a beach tennis ball that offers you high quality rubber. 

The best beach tennis balls are manufactured with rubber that gives you a consistent bounce every time, increasing your accuracy and precision.

Top quality rubber ensures that beach tennis balls will roll and bounce the same way every time, even in soft sand.

Sand is extremely unpredictable, and you do not want to introduce more uncertainty into the equation!

This will end in frustration. As you know, it’s very difficult to play tennis if you cannot predict the movement of the ball.

If you have ever tried to anticipate a tennis ball’s movement on the beach, you know that consistency is key!

So, invest in a tennis ball with high quality rubber for a good level of predictability.

High density rubber provides players with a great level of consistency and control.

If you’re looking for the best beach tennis ball available, choose a product made with high density rubber!


What color do you want your beach tennis balls to be?

Choose a bright color that will stand out against the sand and waves.

While traditional tennis balls are bright yellow, this may not be the best color for the beach.

Opt instead for another bright color that will provide contrast against the sand.

Don’t waste time at the end of the day searching for your tennis balls!

Beach tennis is typically played with stage 2 balls, which are bright yellow and orange.

Feel and comfort

Last but not least, how does the tennis ball feel? Does it respond well to your padel?

Does it feel good in your hands?

The best beach tennis balls offer you performance and comfort.

For a great experience on the beach, select a durable tennis ball with high quality rubbers and a strong, comfortable exterior layer.

Best beach tennis balls

ianoni Beach Tennis Paddle Ball

The Ianoni Beach Tennis Paddle Ball is an essential item for your next excursion to the beach. 

It’s a terrific ball for playing catch with your dog, and you’ll love it’s durability. 

Encased in a dense, strong felt material, the Ianoni Beach Tennis Ball is manufactured to last for a long time. 

Other tennis balls will degrade after just a few uses, but that is not the case with this product!

The Ianoni Beach Tennis Ball is precisely designed to give you a terrific experience. 

Now, you can enjoy both the durability and the performance of your beach tennis balls!

This new and improved product offers you modified speed and bounce dynamics for greater control and precise aim.

And, you’ll appreciate the feel and touch of the modified rubber component. This strong, yet soft material offers you a very consistent feel, so you know what to expect every time you catch and throw the ball.

In addition, the rubber design minimizes the shock value, allowing you to play longer with more comfort.

Do you find yourself constantly searching for tennis balls in your car? With Ianoni Beach Tennis Balls, this frustrating exercise will be a thing of the past!

These tennis balls come with a convenient, closeable mesh bag so that you can easily transport them (and make sure that you can find them once you arrive at your destination!).

GRANDCOW Beach Tennis POP Paddle Ball Natural Rubber with Great Flex Elasticity

If you are looking for superior quality beach tennis balls, look no further than Grandcow beach Tennis POP Paddle Balls!

Why are these products ideally suited for your beach tennis game?

Grandcow prides themselves on making excellent products for athletes of all skill levels.

You will not be disappointed by their Beach Tennis POP Paddle Balls!

They are professionally manufactured for beach paddle and POP paddle tennis. 

Constructed using a high density natural rubber, these beach tennis balls offer players superb control and terrific feel.

You will appreciate the strong quality and impeccable surface of these specially made beach tennis balls.

Why is the surface important?

It contributes to performance, speed, and bounce.

As you can see, an excellent surface material is imperative to your game!

This ball is great for the beach due to its strong performance qualities. This ball is covered in a soft, fuzzy material that is perfect for play on the beach.

It’s intended to absorb shock and travel well on the soft playing field.

Grandcow beach tennis balls are very consistent. Beginners and professionals alike enjoy their reliability!

They are brightly colored, and it’s easy to locate their vibrant display when they roll away. This leads to a higher recovery rate, and you are more likely to return home with all of your balls!

The new and improved neon green accent also helps players track the ball and spin during the game, helping you maintain control and increasing your chances of returning the ball successfully.

All Grandcow products are packed to ensure that they arrive at their intended destination ready for play!

They are packed in an inflated can to balance their inner pressure so that they are kept in great shape during their transportation to your home.

While Grandcow beach tennis balls are a great asset to your sport, your pets will love them too!

Your entire family will enjoy playing a good game of catch with these tennis balls. 

Since they are so durable, they will last longer, even if you have the most destructive pets!

Each of these tennis balls weighs 56-59 grams and stretches between 2.6 and 2.6 inches in diameter.

What do you like most about Grandcow beach tennis balls?

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