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Badminton shoes are all about the traction. 

When you are playing badminton on a wooden court, you need a great pair of shoes that is up to the challenge. 

Today, we’re going to help you find the best badminton shoes for wooden court matches.

If you are ready to take your indoor badminton gme to the next level, keep reading for some great tips about the process of selecting badminton shoes.

What to consider when purchasing badminton shoes for wooden court play

As we mentioned a moment ago, the traction between the soles of your shoes and the court is critical to your performance as a badminton player.

Why is traction so important?

Traction significantly contributes to your safety, movement, and shot execution.

First, let’s discuss safety.


As you well know, badminton is a very active sport that requires accurate, specific movements that often come packed with power.

You need the maximum level of support from your gear when playing any sport, and badminton is no exception.

Consider how your feet and ankles feel after an especially intense game. Are they sore? 

This could be due to improper footwear.

If your shoes slip all over the court, your ankles and feet experience heightened stress levels. 

At best, this will likely result in sore feet after the game. 

But, poor traction could have even more dire consequences!

Suppose you lunge to position yourself to make a save, but your foot slips. 

You could easily fall and injure yourself if the soles of your shoes do not make good contact with the court.

How exactly does traction affect your badminton game?

Suppose you position yourself well for a strong smash, but your foot slips the moment before your racket is set to connect with the birdie.

This throws you off, and you miss the shot, which happened to be a game point. Oh no! 

If only your shoes had better traction, perhaps this unfortunate circumstance could have been prevented.

Let’s consider another situation.

Imagine that you must pivot in order to block an opponent’s shot.

You know exactly where you want to go, but your feet aren’t quite ready to follow you.

Your left foot loses traction and slips out from under you, causing you to twist your leg and fall.

Obviously you miss the shot, but there is a bigger issue. You tore multiple ligaments in the process, and you severely bruised your ankle.

Even more unfortunately, you were practicing for a tournament during your injury, and you’ll now have to remove yourself from the challenge. How disappointing!

Injury prevention is one of the main reasons that you should ensure that your badminton shoes have good traction.

Movement and shot execution

It’s clear that traction greatly affects your safety, but it also impacts your performance.

You need a high level of agility to successfully play badminton, and your shoes affect your movements and fluidity more than you may think.

Traction may seem like a very small performance factor in the grand scheme of the sport, but, over time, you will likely come to view poor traction as a major hindrance.

These examples highlight some of the more severe instances of poor traction, but this affects your everyday play, too.

Consider how reactivity plays into your game. Badminton is an intense sport full of split second decisions and quick movements.

You need to be able to confidently move around the court, and this largely comes down to footwork.

The best coaches preach that footwork is one of the biggest factors in your performance. 

However, very few people make the connection between footwork and the shoes on your feet.

Of course you must execute your footwork with a high level of skill, but shoes have the ability to maximize or minimize your success.

Think of your shoes as an extension of your body.

If your shoes do not connect well with your feet and legs, you will not be able to maximize the energy transferred into your footwork. 

Beyond this connection, your shoes come into contact with the court. 

Transferring the idea that we just described, your shoes must connect well with the court to move you effectively.

As you can see, it’s imperative that your shoes fit and function well.

The more that you advance and increase your skills in badminton, the more important this becomes.

As you hone your skills, you will notice subtle differences in your performance based on the support of your gear.

So, choose shoes that help you play at your best level!

Sole type

So, now that you know how your shoes affect your safety and performance when playing badminton, how can you ensure that you have the right shoes for playing on a wooden floor?

Begin by considering the sole composition

For indoor badminton played on wooden floors, choose shoes with a gum shoe sole. 

This material is pliable, and it will give you a good grip on smooth flooring surfaces.

Avoid shoes with standard rubber soles. 

This material is not designed to provide you with sufficient traction for play on smooth floors; it’s meant for use on rough surfaces, like concrete.


Also, take a look at the treads. A higher level of texture generally indicates that you will have better grip.

Avoid soles with minimal texture. Instead opt for soles that feature multiple shapes.

Here are some of the best tread patterns that you can find.

  • Herringbone – repetitive “z” pattern
  • Omni- mix of circles, dots, and “z’s”
  • Mixed- specific textures matched to different foot zones

Mixed is the most thoughtfully designed sole pattern, but omni and herringbone patterns can work well, too.

Choose the sole pattern that you feel gives you the most secure step.

Best badminton shoes for wooden court

Are you ready to excel in your next badminton tournament? 

To play your best, it’s obvious that you need the right shoes!

Here are some of our favorite badminton shoes for wooden court play. 

How do you want your indoor badminton shoes to contribute to your game? 

Tell us about your ideal badminton shoes below!

ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

If you are a serious badminton player, consider purchasing Asics Women’s Gel Upcourt Volleyball shoes.

Yes, these shoes were originally intended for volleyball, but they are great for badminton, too! 

In fact, you can wear many indoor court shoes when you play another indoor, court-based sport.

These Asics Volleyball shoes are made of 100% imported, synthetic material that is tremendously durable.

The outsole is made of soft gum rubber, which will strongly grip the court. 

(Note: only wear gum rubber shoes on a clean, indoor surface.)

With such a high level of traction, these shoes are very responsive to your movements. 

You will be able to move very quickly to defend the court from your opponents. 

If you’re a badminton player, you know how important speed is during the game!

Not only will these shoes enhance your performance, they will also keep your feet cool and comfortable while you play.

Complete with a Rearfoot gel cushioning system, your feet will feel supported even during the most intense games.

And, the synthetic mesh upper helps wick sweat away to keep your feet dry.

These shoes are very comfortable, and their unique design will help you excel on an indoor, wooden court.

View at Amazon for more information on how this shoe might work for your game.

Yonex PC SHB01LTD Badminton Shoes

If you are a serious badminton player in need of some quality gear, definitely check out Yonex shoes.

They’re made using a combination of P.U. leather, polyester mesh, E.V.A, and rubber.

These shoes are touted to be some of the best badminton footwear that you can find, and it’s easy to see why players rave about them.

Yonex PC Badminton Shoes are light, supportive, and tremendously comfortable.

Yonex knows what it takes to be an excellent badminton player, and these shoes are geared to help you perform to the best of your abilities.

They will help you transfer the kinetic energy of your movements as efficiently as possible to make the most of your power and speed.

Yonex designed these shoes with the intention of maximising your power and agility during game play.

From the sturdy, 3-piece power cushion support to the intricate connections between the forefoot, heel, and full-length, these shoes are ready to support you on the court.

The soles are made of pliable gum rubber, which is highly regarded as the best material to gain traction on wood and indoor courts.

While the material is important for providing grip, the sole pattern is noteworthy, too!

Yonex shoes feature a unique hexagrip sole pattern that will help you grip the floor when you apply pressure from any angle.

This innovation makes these shoes incredibly responsive, and it will help you mobilize your energy very efficiently.

Did we mention that these are some of the softest, most comfortable athletic shoes on the market?

Sure, most athletic shoes offer some cushion, but Yonex really goes above and beyond to provide you with an extremely comfortable experience.

For example, these shoes feature a cushion that can bounce an egg dropped from 6 meters high!

With that level of bounce, you know that they are going to be very comfortable!

This highly resilient material will serve you well on the badminton court.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this shoe could work with your game.

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