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If you are graced with extra wide feet, finding shoes can be really tough! 

Sometimes it seems like athletic footwear is manufactured with a one size fits all approach, which is simply not the case for most people. 

Luckily, we’re here to help! 

When you play an intense sport like badminton, you really need shoes that fit well and support your natural footwork.

If you are on the hunt for the best badminton shoes for wide feet, you’re in the right place! 

Take a look at some of our suggestions, and browse a selection of the best badminton shoes available.

We want to help you succeed on the badminton court!

What to look for when purchasing badminton shoes for wide feet

In many ways, the concerns that you may have when purchasing badminton shoes for wide feet are very similar to the needs of anyone else purchasing athletic shoes.

All badminton players have the same goal in this regard: find shoes that will enhance your performance and enjoyment of the sport.

So, what factors should you consider when searching for badminton shoes?


Fit is incredibly important to anyone looking for athletic shoes, but it’s especially important for badminton players. 

It’s even more imperative if you have unusually shaped feet! 

If your feet are wide, do not fall into the disillusion that you cannot find shoes that fit well!

Don’t give up, and continue searching until you find shoes that will be comfortable on the court.

As you try on different styles and brands, pay special attention to the toes, heels, and sides of your feet. 

These areas are the most common locations where wide-footed players experience rubs and blisters.

When you move on the court to lunge for a shot or pivot to block your opponent’s hit, your feet take a lot of the impact.

If your shoes do not fit properly, they will degrade over time. (Plus, they will hurt!)

This can lead to a serious injury if your shoes rip when you’re in the middle of playing!

So, take the time to find shoes that will properly support your feet, no matter their shape or width.


If your feet are wide, pay close attention to the cushion in your shoes. 

Cushions are designed to add comfort and sole support, but they do not always work well with wide feet.

Sometimes, cushions build up around the edges of the shoe due to the natural pressure concentrations of your feet.

While this may not be a serious problem if you have narrow feet, it can grow to be a very uncomfortable problem if your feet are wide.

Opt for sturdy cushions that minimally expand as you walk. 

This will reduce the tendency of the material to gather around the edges of the shoe, crowding your feet.

Toe area

If you have wide feet, closely inspect the toe area. Most people focus on finding shoes that work well with the widest part of their feet. 

This is certainly important, but, when you’re playing an active sport like badminton, you need your shoes to support you beyond the support required for typical daily activities.

Your feet will move and strain as you take control of the court, and your shoes need to help you perform at your best.

Choose shoes with a toe area that is wide enough to accommodate the movements of your feet when you’re playing your hardest!

Allow extra space so that your toes can expand and move as they carry you to your next victory. 

Select shoes that are comfortable for walking, and make sure that they incorporate a little extra space at the front for your toes.

Toe space may seem unimportant, but you will notice a huge difference between regular shoes and wide shoes when you are playing a sport!


Shoe support is vitally important to your success as a badminton player. 

If you have wide feet, you must ensure that your shoes support your unique foot shape. 

Do not settle for shoes that were designed for a different foot structure!

Instead, seek out shoes with strong supports along the sides of your feet. Extra support emphasis at the heels is a plus, too.

Above all, make sure that your ankles and feet feel strongly supported.

If you try to fit wide feet into a pair of shoes that are not intended for wide feet, you won’t enjoy the outcome.

This leads to sores, fatigued feet, blisters, and prolonged pain.

So, choose shoes that are built with supports intended to protect and strengthen your foot shape.

Sole composition

Match the sole composition of your shoes to the type of court where you will play badminton. 

For smooth,  indoor courts, most often made of wood, gum rubber soles are preferable. 

However, if you play outdoors, choose traditional rubber shoes.

The soles of your shoes exist to provide friction between your shoes and the ground surface. 

Gum rubber is excellent at creating friction between your shoes and smooth surfaces, but it easily soils. 

For this reason, only wear gum rubber soled shoes in clean environments free from debris.

Standard rubber, on the other hand, thrives in areas where it can grip small particles on the ground. 

As you can see, standard rubber works very well if you are playing badminton outdoors. In many cases, your regular tennis shoes are probably sufficient. 

This is one of the few instances where large feet have a distinct advantage over other foot shapes! 

Large feet have a greater bottom surface area, which means that you can control a wider sole. 

A wider sole provides more friction, which allows you to better grip the court and make quick movements. 

To some extent, having large feet will assist you when you are playing badminton!

Best badminton shoes for wide feet

Now that you know what to look for when choosing badminton shoes for wide feet, let’s explore some of the most popular badminton shoes available. 

All of the products listed below are high quality options that will help support wide foot shapes. 

Which is your favorite badminton shoe?

Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion X Mens Indoor Court Shoe (Blue/Orange)

The Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion X shoe may be the most successful product on the X line yet! 

Why are badminton players raving about these shoes? 

Firstly, they are incredibly stylish. 

With a bright, bold blue and orange design, you will definitely stand out on the court. 

Yonex shoes were created to bring you stability and confidence during the game. 

You can trust that these shoes are ready to help you perform to the max! 

The Eclipsion X product offers you a redesigned cushion that will keep your feet more comfortable than ever.

You’ll love how the soft plush cushion conforms around the shape of your foot, improving your experience with every step.

Now, when you move in for a power shot, your feet will be stepping on a cloud!

Yonex shoes are both comfortable and durable. Why are they great for wide feet? 

These shoes feature a strong, durable skin that is tough enough to last on the badminton court. 

If your feet are on the wide side, they will be able to support the entirety of your foot. 

The Yonex Eclipsion X line gives you the best of both worlds: cushion and stability.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for your game.

YONEX Aerus 3 Women Shoes, Navy Blue

If you like Yonex’s performance, you will love the Aerus 3s! 

While the Eclipsion X line has a great level of comfort, the Aerus 3 generation takes it over the top. 

Athletes with wide feet often struggle to find a shoe that fits well and that also keeps their feet cool. 

Does this sound like you? If so, definitely consider purchasing a pair of Aerus 3 Women Shoes!

They are incredibly light, and they feature a terrific air flow component. 

Aerus 3s offer you more than 8 times more air exchange than you’ll find with shoes that are manufactured with standard mesh!

How can this be?

Yonex designed the Aerus 3 line with Double Russel Mesh, an ultra-lightweight, fine mesh that helps keep you dry and light on your feet.

These shoes are very breathable, and they’re sure to shine on the court.

Even if you are in the heat of a match point, your feet will stay nice and cool in a pair of Aerus 3s.

The specially constructed uppers also help you move freely and naturally during game play.

Made using Hyper msLite material, the uppers provide you with a high-performing midsole that supports your natural footwork.

Plus, the Power Cushion inside helps you make the most of your lateral movements, directing all the energy from your feet into your footwork. 

With this technology more of your power and speed are transferred into action than ever before.

As you can see, the Yonex Aerus 3 line is ready to help you excel on the badminton court.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this shoe might work with your game.

What are your favorite badminton shoes for wide feet? Share your experience in the comments!

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