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You probably pay great attention to your choice of badminton gear, but how much do you consider your shoes? 

It’s critical to have the correct footwear when playing any sport — especially badminton!

Badminton is a very active sport full of turns, twists, pivots, quick steps and other stressors on your feet.

So, you really need a great pair of shoes that will help enhance your performance.

In this article, let’s consider some of the best badminton shoes for men.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, we have all the information you’ll need to know to make a great purchase.

What to look for in badminton shoes

Below are some of the factors that you must consider whenever you purchase a new pair of badminton shoes. 

Each of these components contributes to your overall experience, and you should look to see that your new badminton shoes offer you excellent qualities in each of these levels.

Let’s begin with the most important factor: fit.


If you have ever tried to play a sport with a pair of poor fitting shoes, you know that ill-fitting shoes can be a nightmare. 

While your shoes should always fit well, fit is even more critical when you’re playing an intense sport like badminton.

As you move, your feet will constantly strain against your shoes, and you need footwear that will accent your athleticism – not hold you back.

So, look for a pair of shoes that fit well over all parts of your feet. 

Pay special attention to the toes, heel and arch. 

All of these areas are high contact points, and a poor fit will be exacerbated when you start playing.

Walk around and make sure that the shoes feel good after you move. 

Remember, if the shoes do not fit well, none of the other factors really matter. Fit is king!


Once you find a pair of shoes that fit well, examine the level of support that they provide. Are they lacking in any area? 

Inspect the heels and toe areas for signs of strong support. Does your heel feel like it moves around in the shoe, or does the heel hold it securely in place?

When you’re moving on the court, you need very responsive shoes that will move and support your performance.

Loose shoes that do not properly support your feet and ankles will negatively impact your game.


Choose a pair of shoes that is breathable! Your feet will sweat in the throes of the game, and you want to stay cool. 

Your shoes play a huge role in keeping you dry and comfortable!

Look for shoes that feature mesh components for increased air flow and breathability.

Cushion and comfort

Cushion and comfort go hand in hand with fit. It’s all about what feels good! 

If your shoes are not comfortable, you will not be able to totally focus on the game, and they will be a distraction.

Choose shoes that offer you substantial cushion. 

Even though an extremely soft cushion may feel good at the beginning, realize that they cushion will compress over time. 

It’s much better to choose a cushion that offers softness with background support. 

Some give is desirable, but it’s preferable for there to be a substantial foam layer underneath, too.

Sole type and function

Last but not least, consider the functionality of the shoes. Oftentimes, this boils down to sole type and composition.

In terms of performance, you’re really looking for traction and grip. 

These two factors will greatly impact your mobility and performance. You need shoes that will work for you, not against you.

So, choose badminton shoes with great thought to the types of courts where you play badminton.

For example, if you typically play on wood or PU courts, select shoes with gum rubber soles. 

Gum rubber gives you a great level of grip on these surfaces, but it accumulates dirt and debris quickly.

So, only wear gum rubber soles on clean, indoor surfaces. 

Fewer people play on concrete courts, but, if you do, you have a wider range of shoe options. 

Standard rubber soles work very well with cement. 

You can even wear your regular tennis shoes if you are in a pinch!

Best badminton shoes for men

We understand that badminton shoes have the ability to significantly enhance your badminton game. 

So, we’ve highlighted some of the best badminton shoes available. 

These products may help take your badminton game to the next level. 

Mishansha Mens Athletic Court Squash Volleyball Badminton Tennis Shoes Indoor Outdoor Non Slip Cross Training

Mishansha Men’s Athletic Shoes are some of the finest pieces of sports gear that you can find. 

Designed with imported leather and mesh accents, these shoes are bright and colorful. 

You won’t find a unique pattern like this in any other shoe! 

This breaking edge fashion will be a definite statement on the court.

Their sleek design will help you prepare for the big game and will pair well with your fitness wardrobe.

With rubber soles, you’ll be able to firmly grip the court and execute strong, steady footwork. 

Footwork is extremely important to your performance, and these shoes will help you perform at the top of your game.

In addition, these badminton shoes are extremely comfortable! 

Breathable synthetic layer and strategically incorporated mesh allow your feet to breathe when you are in the heat of the match. 

Mishansha Athletic Shoes offer you a very high level of air flow to keep your feet dry throughout the day.  

Even when you’re sweating in the middle of intense exercise, your feet will remain comfortable. 

In addition, the ergonomically curved ankle design provides a soft contact that properly supports your foot.

Plus, the foam insole gives you a great footbed and helps minimize friction as you move on the court.

With a rubber sole, these shoes will assist you on any concrete court.

Mishansha Athletic shoes are the next generation of high level performance gear.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these shoes might work for your game.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes

Anytime you’re looking for a new pair of athletic shoes, consider purchasing a pair of Asics! 

Asics shoes are designed to withstand intense conditions and help you deliver your best game every time you step on the badminton court.

The Gel-Rocket 9s are some of Asics’ best shoes yet.

These shoes are designed around comfort and performance. 

From the lightweight synthetic mesh upper to the overlays, they’re manufactured to support your feet during your most difficult and demanding moments of the game.

From the cushioned footbed to the thoughtful lace structure, Asics Gel-Rocket 9s are ready to help you take control of your next game!

You’ll appreciate all of the elements that the manufacturers included to make sure that you’re able to play your best every time.

Complete with molded EVA midsoles designed to increase the shock absorption from the impact of your steps, these shoes really have everything you need to be strong and comfortable.

The rear and forefoot gel insert system gives you shock absorbing toe-off and movement support.

They’re lightweight, yet sturdy and supportive. 

The combination of rubber and gum that build the outsole provide you with a terrific level of traction so you can make short, sudden movements.

You will really appreciate the thoughtful, sturdy design of these lightweight badminton shoes. 

They’re breathable, comfortable, and supportive.

View at Amazon for more information on how this shoe could potentially support you in your game.

LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes Breathable Professional Sport Shoes AYTM085

If you’ve never tried a pair of Li-ning athletic shoes, you should. Li-ning may be a lesser known sports brand, but they are severely underrated.

Their lightweight badminton shoes benefit from a strong design that is built to last. 

They are extremely durable, complete with reinforcement lining along the sides and front of the toe area, where your foot inflicts the most pressure and contact.

Not only does this increase the longevity of your shoes, it helps you perform even better since you know that your footwear is up to the task.

Li-ning badminton shoes are specifically engineered to help you bring your A-game. How so?

Let’s take a look at the sole. Unlike competitors, these shoes utilize a very flexible sole to help you move as freely as possible.

The sole tightly grips the court, providing abrasion resistance and anti-skid support.

Thanks to the thoughtfully included pivot points, you will be able to run, jump, pivot, and move as you please at a moment’s notice.

So, these shoes help you embrace your natural movement and flow.

Also, Li-ning badminton shoes include a tight “X” structure at the heel for additional support. 

Though you may not realize this, your heel actually moves quite a bit when you play an active sport like badminton. 

The “X” structure tightens the shoe to conform to your heel and helps protect your ankles.

As you can see, Li-ning shoes are built to help you move naturally on the badminton court while protecting your feet from multiple angles.

What’s more? These badminton shoes are as eye-catching as they are supportive!

They feature a sharp design complete with interesting stitching accents and cool color combinations.

As we mentioned earlier, Li-ning shoes give you an excellent level of athletic support, and these shoes will be a great addition to your badminton gear.

View at Amazon for more information on how you might be able to use this shoe.