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Some people view flat feet as a curse, but they certainly do not have to be! 

You simply have to know how to find shoes that will work well with your feet. 

This concept is even more if you play active sports like badminton. 

Proper footwear is incredibly important to your athletic success, and we want to help you be the best badminton player that you can possibly be.

So, here’s our assessment of the best badminton shoes for flat feet.

 If you fall into this category, keep reading to learn how you can prepare yourself for success on the badminton court!

What is flat-footedness?

Before we dive into the specifics of selecting shoes for flat feet, let’s consider flat feet themselves!

What exactly are flat feet? 

The name may give you plenty of explanation, but it’s beneficial to consider the details. 

This will allow you to understand the factors to consider when purchasing gear for flat feet.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “Flat feet (pes planus) refer to a change in foot shape in which the foot does not have a normal arch when standing.”

The arch of your feet typically develops as a child grows, but some people reach adulthood without this change in foot structure.

Flatfootedness is generally painless and has no significant adverse effect on your standard of living. 

However, you do need to factor this difference into your shoe selection process!

Severe cases of flatfootedness may require special shoes or orthotics, but most cases do not require treatment.

This is an extremely common condition that affects about 30% of people according to CBS Baltimore.

How does flat footedness affect athleticism and badminton?

Maintaining your foot health is especially important when you play sports, and it’s even more imperative for flat footed athletes.

However, if you know how to properly care for your feet, keeping your feet healthy is easy to do!

Flat footedness impacts your athleticism because the absence of an arch increases the stress placed on your feet.

In addition, flat footedness decreases your stability when playing sports because your foot is unable to evenly distribute weight throughout your feet.

However, you can mitigate these effects by proper foot care, shoe selection, and athletic training.

When you play badminton, you often step quickly, lunge, jump, dash, and take many other actions that require speed and agility.

As your foot strikes the ground during these movements, your feet experience an unnatural impact angle due to the lack of an arch.

Each occurrence increases the chances that you will experience pain, increased fatigue, muscle spasms, and plantar fasciitis.

This does not mean that you cannot or should not play badminton, but you do need to be aware of the risks and minimize your chance of injury as much as possible.

What to consider when buying badminton shoes for flat feet

So, how can you choose shoes that will properly support your flat feet while you’re playing badminton?

It’s also very important that your shoes fit exceptionally well. 

Standard shoes are typically made for standardly shaped feet, which makes your job as a flat footed player all the more difficult!

Flat feet are generally wider than arched feet, so look for shoes that offer wide sizes, or for styles that run wide.

Pay more attention to the way that the shoes feel on your feet than you pay to the size of the shoe.

Sometimes you will find that shoes of a larger size actually fit much better than shoes in the size range that usually fits your feet.

Choose shoes that offer your feet and ankles as much support as possible.

As we discussed above, these joints experience an extreme amount of pressure due to the absence of an arch, and playing badminton heightens these ill-effects.

Select shoes made of rigid materials, especially around the ankles. 

Purchase shoes that offer arch and ankle support if possible, and walk around in them to make sure that you feel these benefits when you move. 

Motion support is another quality to look for in badminton shoes if you have flat feet. 

This will be very important as you move about the court. 

While your everyday shoes may not need a motion support design to properly support flat feet, athletic shoes need to go the extra mile to ensure hta your feet are protected when you are active.

Mimic actions that you commonly make on the badminton court, and note how the shoes support your feet. 

Ask yourself these questions to preliminarily assess if these badminton shoes are right for you.

  • Do you feel stable? 
  • Can you easily balance?
  • Do your ankles feel strong? 
  • Do the shoes fit snugly all across your feet?
  • Are your feet comfortable?
  • Do you have freedom to move without discomfort or pain?
  • Can you see yourself tearing up the badminton court in these shoes?

If you cannot answer “yes” to all of these questions, keep looking for better badminton shoes! 

Do not settle for shoes that are uncomfortable, fit poorly, or lack support and stability.

Choosing the right badminton shoes will set the bar for your success as a player and your enjoyment of the sport; do not compromise!

Best badminton shoes for flat feet

We know that finding badminton shoes for flat feet can be frustrating and challenging. 

So, we scoured the internet in search of great products so that you can spend more time doing what you love – playing badminton!

Explore the products below and select the shoes that will be best for your feet and playing style.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 4 BK-SL Volleyball Shoe

If you are looking for new badminton shoes, it’s time to think outside of the box! This is especially true if you have unusually shaped feet. 

So, if you are on the hunt for badminton shoes to support flat feet, look no further than Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 4 BK-SL Volleyball Shoes.

Mizunos typically run slightly wide, which will cater to flat feet, and they have a very supportive shoe structure.

Yes, these shoes were created for volleyball, but they can work excellently for badminton, too. 

What will you love about Mizuno Wave Bolts?

First, just look at them! With their sleek black base and silver patterned accents, you will be sure to stand out on the court.

These shoes are made using 100% synthetic materials, and they feature a non marking rubber sole and outsole for outdoor play.

In addition, you will appreciate the low top design. 

This structure will allow your feet to move as quickly as you need to react on the badminton court.

This product includes dynamix flex grooves to improve forefoot stability and your agility during game play.

Mizunos are engineered to perfection with an incredible amount of lightweight cushioning and stability. 

Built with Mizuno’s lightweight AP+ midsole, these shoes are not heavy at all.

They are manufactured to provide you with even shock distribution throughout the shoe so that no part of your foot experienced undo stress.

If you are looking for a highly comfortable, simple shoe that offers substantial durability at a very competitive price, the Bolt 4s just might be for you.

Mizuno manufactures shoes for a wide variety of sports, and they’ve earned an extremely high reputation since they began making shoes in 1906.

Dedicated to providing athletes with superior gear, Mizuno devotes vast resources to their innovative product development strategy which uses a novel combination of craftsmanship and technology.

This company focuses on sportsmanship, as shown in their corporate philosophy, “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports.”

View at Amazon to learn more about how this shoe might work with your game.

Victor Professional Badminton Shoes SH-9000 Ace E size 6

Victor Professional Badminton Shoes SH-9000 Ace E style is another great option for flat-footed badminton players.

Like the Mizunos described above, Victor shoes tend to run slightly wider than other brands, allowing plenty of room for your flat feet.

Also, Victor is one of the foremost names in badminton gear thanks to their strong reputation for providing the world with exceptional badminton products.

What does the SH-9000 Ace style offer?

These are the first shoes to incorporate Trinetic into the shoe design, rendering them faster and more agile than their competitors.

They’ve even been awarded the Taiwan Design Excellence Award due to their terrific design!

The midsole is constructed using a unique formula of resilient and solid EVA, ENERGYMAX, TPU, Carbon Power to help you perform at your best.

With an outsole composed of rubber and D.MAX, these shoes provide you with an incredible amount of traction. You’ll be able to zoom around the court and react instantaneously with these carefully designed shoes!

The upper offers you a great experience, too. Composed of PU leather, V-Durable and Double Mesh components, it’s strong, yet airy. 

These shoes will be great for hot summer days when you really need good airflow to stay dry and comfortable.

If this description is not enough to convince you that you need Victor SH-9000 Aces, check out this video for more details about how they can help take your badminton game over the top!

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for your game.

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