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Badminton is a very fun indoor court game, but this sport is very hard on your knees and ankles!

So, if you have weak ankles, you need a pair of badminton shoes that will support you through your games.

But, how can you choose the best badminton shoes for ankle support?

We will help you! 

Read on to learn about the criteria that make great badminton shoes. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to spot the most supportive badminton shoes.

Why should you choose badminton shoes with ankle support?

As we mentioned, badminton is extremely hard on your knees and ankles. 

To protect your joints and lower extremities, you need to wear shoes that offer you the best support.

If you suffer from ankle injuries or any preexisting health conditions that may compromise your ankles, supportive shoes are even more imperative.

Let’s consider some of the most common ankle injuries that arise during badminton.

Ankle sprains

One of the most common sports injuries, ankle sprains are extremely painful. 

Sprained ankles occur often in badminton, so it’s important that your shoes help protect you from this injury.

In most situations, the ankle rolls inward, putting strain on the ligaments on the outside of your ankle.

If you notice severe bruising or intense pain on the outside of your ankle, this is a sign of an ankle sprain.

How can your shoes prevent an ankle sprain? 

By providing you with a sturdy base and supporting your ankles, they minimize the risk of rolling, minimizing the chance of an ankle sprain.

Jumper’s knee

Jumper’s knee, another common sports injury, results from overuse. 

This injury often ends in concentrated pain at the base of your kneecap.

While this is a common sports injury for athletes who run and jump, you can reduce your chances of enduring this pain by wearing badminton shoes that minimize the impact on your feet and legs.

This feature makes you more comfortable in the short term and significantly minimizes your chance of injury in the long run!

Ultimately, impact minimizing shoes protect you on the badminton court and enhance your quality of life.

Since the primary cure for an overuse injury is to reduce activities that led to the injury, a case of jumper’s knee likely means time off from badminton.

Avoid this injury, and you will be able to play your favorite sports for years to come!

Ligament injuries

Ligament injuries can occur to varying degrees. 

Severe ligament injuries can be very painful, and they can even impact your daily life.

Ligament injuries are usually caused by strains and sprains.

How can you help prevent ligament injuries?

In addition to proper stretching and warm up activities, wear the proper footwear and make sure that your shoes support your feet.

How to choose badminton shoes for ankle support

As you can see, ankle support is incredibly important. To choose shoes with a high level of support, look for the following characteristics.

Firm cushioning

Cushioning is one of the most important aspects of support — and comfort!

While most people think that the most comfortable cushioning is squishy, strong, dense cushioning is actually better for your feet and joints.

So, look for sturdy cushioning that will minimize the impact on your joints.

When you run and jump on the badminton court, it’s important that your shoes work to dissipate the shock before it reaches your ankles.

Over time, strong, repetitive impacts put a lot of stress on your joints, leading to pain and injury.

Firm cushioning softens the blow by compressing upon impact. While soft cushioning material may initially feel very good on your feet, it will easily degrade over time.

So, instead, opt for dense cushioning that is designed to withstand forceful, repetitive impacts.

This type of material will perform much better in the long run when compared to soft cushioning.

It’s also very supportive, which benefits your ankles!

Strong soles

While the sole of your shoe may not be the element that first comes to mind when you consider ankle support, this part of your shoe is the foundation.

The rest of the shoe design builds upon the sole, so it is imperative that you start with a solid material and design.

Choose soles that are dense and well-constructed. 

If you play badminton indoors, choose a rubber non marking sole. 

Standard rubber soles work well for outdoor use.

Select thick soles that feel sturdy as you move. 

Also, make sure that the soles offer you a good level of traction.

Look for soles with multidirectional treads to support your movement in many directions.

Supportive design

Shoes are typically designed with a specific functionality in mind. 

For example, shoes could be designed for style, comfort, breathability, stretch, or support.

If support is the most important element to you, make sure you purchase shoes that are designed for support!

Lastly, inspect the shoes that you are considering for supportive design elements. 

Make sure that the heel and forefoot areas are strongly supported.

And, look for shoes that offer physical supports from the base of your foot up through the ankles.

The most supportive shoes provide a high level of coverage. This bolsters your ankles as you move. 

Oftentimes, shoes that are designed for ankle support rise higher than less supportive shoes. 

Take this into consideration as you decide which pair of badminton shoes will work best for your game.

Best badminton shoes for ankle support

Below are a couple of terrific options for badminton shoes that offer players an incredible level of support.

We hope that today’s discussion has enabled you to make a more informed decision.

What are your favorite badminton shoes?

YONEX Power Cushion Comfort Z 2 Men Badminton Shoe

Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z2 Men’s Badminton shoes are a terrific choice for badminton players who are looking for incredible ankle support.

You will love their durable mesh upper made of excellent Double Raschel material. 

Thanks to the incredible consideration that created this design, these shoes are terrifically light and airy.

Additionally, the Power Cushion midsole works to make these shoes very comfortable. 

Complete with Graphite SheetPower cushioning and Feather Bounce foam, these shoes are both strong and light.

This combination gives you the best of both worlds and provides you with a terrific badminton experience.

You can play anywhere with these shoes!

Yonex Z2s feature a traditional rubber sole that is perfect for all of your indoor court sports.

When you play badminton in these shoes, you will really be able to feel the difference.

They are built with serious badminton athletes in mind. 

As soon as you step on the court, you will notice the way that these Yonex’s propel you forward and maximize your energy output.

With slick shock absorption and redirection technology, these shoes give players the added benefit of cushioning the impact as your feet collide with the floor.

When you wear a pair of Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z2s, you will be able to move confidently on the court and take your badminton game to the next level.

These shoes are comfortable, supportive, and strong. 

If you are a badminton player who needs a little extra ankle support, consider adding a pair of Yonex Z2s to your gear!

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes

Asics Women’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes also make terrific, supportive badminton shoes!

If you are looking for badminton shoes to support your ankles while you play, look no further than Asics!

Made of imported high quality fabric and a strong, sturdy rubber sole, Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball shoes are ready to carry you to victory on the badminton court.

Complete with a lightweight mesh upper with additional synthetic overlays, Asics Gel-Rocket 9s offer players a strong base with unparalleled comfort and support.

With extra gel support in the forefoot and heel areas, your ankles have an excellent structure to rely on.

The high quality craftsmanship of the tongue makes these shoes feel luxurious. 

You will love the comfort of the foam padded collar and tongue!

Like the Yonex shoes that we described above, these Asics shoes provide you with strong cushioning in the footbed. 

And, the molded EVA midsole gives you extra cushioning and shock absorption.

When your feet hit the floor during the game, your Asics Gel Rocket 9s will protect your feet!

The breathable mesh lining keeps sweat and moisture away from your feet

You’ll appreciate the traditional lacing closure that allows you to get an optimal fit. 

This is very important for badminton players who need serious ankle support.

A traditional lacing structure can help your shoes accommodate an ankle brace if needed, too.

These shoes offer badminton players another innovation: Trusstic System Technology. 

This novel structure minimizes the weight of the shoes while maintaining the strong structural integrity of the design.

Gel Rocket 9s feature a rubber and gum rubber sole that has a higher rubber content than standard soles. 

Why is this important?

The specific blend of rubber and gum rubber allows these shoes to grip the court better. 

You’ll benefit from more traction than ever!

As you can see, Asics Gel Rocket 9s are an excellent indoor court shoe that provide for all of your ankle support needs.

View at Amazon for more information on how these shoes could work for your game.

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