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A popular defensive, attack shot in badminton, a smash requires skill and good form to complete.

Yet above all else, a player must have strong control during the execution of a smash.

Luckily, the same components that allow your racket to create smash shots, also enables a strong sense of control.

The best badminton racket for smash and control can help you better generate more accuracy in your placement and help you win a badminton against your opponents.

Smash and Control Together

The three types of smash-forehand, backhand, or around the head smash-each work to create an attack shot difficult to defend against.

This quick point maneuver is not used frequently due to the extreme amount of energy needed to complete.

Of the three options of smash, the backhand smash is the most difficult, even for advanced players.

Always try to complete an around the head or over the head smash in place of a backhand smash to guarantee that you are able to follow through in your completion of the maneuver.

The provided video exhibits more insight to how to accurately accomplish a smash.

While many rackets offer extreme power, the characteristics of rackets often pit control and power against each other.

Therefore, the energy needed to smash must be generated by your arm movement during your swing at the badminton birdie.

What Brings Control?

In order to complete a smash, you must make contact with the birdie at a high point; the higher the contact, the greater trajectory of the angle the birdie will fall to the opposing court side.

Therein lies the difficulty of retrieving a smash shot, as it will be cutting a quick path towards the floor, where many opponents will not be able to properly reach.

This may falsify the appearance that the maneuver requires an extreme amount of power for the best option when actually control is the key.

Having control of the placement of your racket, the string’s sweet spot, and your initial aim on the other court is what allows smashing its strong reliance as an easy point technique.

Since establishing control as one of the most important features of a smash, we must next explain what portions of the racket provide you greater control.

Control is a big part of playing good badminton, separating beginning players from those who played for years.

While your racket will be providing a great deal of control, you still must understand how to activate these features correctly.

Control is created by knowing strong techniques and possessing advanced knowledge on both badminton and your own abilities.

Different features to take note of are:

·         Racket head balance

·         Racket sweet spot

·         String tension

·         String gauge number

·         Flexibility

·         Weight

Each of these works to create a stronger controllability but will not offer as much power as their counterparts.

So, a racket with high string tension, for example, will have greater control but less power, while low tension strings experience the opposite with strong power and less control.

Head Balance

There are three options available in the weighing of the head and shaft of your racket known as head heavy, head light, and even balanced.

Each offer different weight for your racket with an even balanced racket acting at the mediocre middle ground between the two extremes.

A head heavy balance is a racket that has extra momentum and strength to complete your shots with.

This is not the best racket for completing defensive moves.

The weight distribution of the head lowers reaction time.

A head light racket is a better option to utilize control and complete smash shots.

This racket balance allows more quick drive reactions and shots for a forceful attack defensively.

A head light racket allows for greater control as well. Control in the balance helps with your movement of racket and placement of contact.

Even balanced rackets are not as efficient in smash and control as head light rackets, they are still a good option as well.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is the ideal region of the racket to create contact between strings and birdie.

Its location is the central portion, but not dead middle, of strings within the badminton racket.

This select area of string holds the most power for any racket or string type.

This is also the region where less vibration will occur after a shot is completed.

The head shape of your racket can extend your sweet spot as well.

Most rackets are made with the square shaped isometric racket heads, which features a larger surface area for the center of power found in the string bed.

Making sure the birdie and racket make contact in this spot can be difficult for beginners and throw off the success of a smash, so it is important to practice the placement of your racket while playing.

String Tension

As mentioned previously, lower tension strings are not the best option.

Lower tension within racket strings prefer power over control, limiting a player’s ability to properly execute the aggressive shot.

Unfortunately, most beginner’s badminton rackets feature this tension in order to help generate a stronger power for players who are not used to the physical condition of creating their own power.

Strings with higher tension offer more control over power.

This is a key element to picking out a proper racket for smashing. This racket string type also offers a great sensitivity.

While higher tension brings about more control, there are some downfalls.

This is an intermediate or advanced badminton player string option, so the string tension does not have great durability, a smaller sweet spot within its frame, and creates more vibration after contact.

When selecting your racket, tension will be displayed in pounds. High tension is set at a range of 24 to 30 pounds.

Lower tensions are between 17 and 23 pounds.


The diameter of your racket’s string is listed as a gauge number, ranging from 20 to 22, with the larger number being the thinnest measurement.

This is important to note as it differs from usual measurement practices.

Thinner strings come in sizes of 0.60 millimeters all the way up to 0.70 millimeters.

Thicker strings can be as large in diameter as 0.80 to 0.90 millimeters.

For smash technique and control, the best diameter option is a thicker measurement.

The thicker the string, the greater the control and durability.

This durability is due to the measurement preventing extreme tension loss compared to that of thin strings.

Thick strings do have disadvantages including, a lack of comfort to play with, less spin upon contact, and a decrease in power.

Racket Flexibility

The flexibility of your racket is based on the shaft and frame portion. This flexibility should be patterned with the average speed you swing at.

Flexibility helps create a racket that can generate its own power.

This results in you needing to put in less strength in order to perform a strong, powerful shot.

However, as often occurs, power replaces control.

Using a stiffer racket, especially in the shaft region, will help keep your shots fast and give you control over their placement and even their direction.

Weight of Racket

While weight does not dictate control as much is does work with your maneuverability.

A lighter does not have as much power as a heavier weighted racket but allows for greater maneuver and causes less strain on the body and saves energy.

Common weights are 80 to 89 grams, often described on the racket as 3U or 4U.

Best Badminton Racket for Smash and Control

Victor Arrow Power 880 Badminton Racket (Apple Green)(4U5)(Strung @24lb)

This Victor Industrial Inc. badminton racket comes in a bright green coloring patterned with black.

The racket is a part of the Arrow Power series and features even head balance, high string tension, and a unique shape.

The racket features a G5 grip size, a standard sizing for average hand sizes.

The weight of the racket is listed as 4U, meaning the weight ranges from 80 to 85 grams.

This an ideal weight for any racket option and it supplies ample maneuverability.

This is a light weight as well to prevent increased strain on your physics and energy.

The weight of the racket is divided evenly between the head and shaft.

This creates a balance between the control and power offered from this region of the racket and makes the movement of the racket more fluid.

The string tension found in the Victor racket is high, with a measurement of 24 pounds.

This tension, though not as great as producing power, allows for a stronger control over movement and placement of the racket and interaction with the birdie to make it easier to complete proper form and technique.

The medium stiffness in the racket’s shaft is supported by nano technology.

This technology works to distribute particles into spaces within the carbon fiber evenly.

This creates extreme stiffness for the racket and helps to prevent distortion from occurring within the frame.

The unique shape of the racket allows for lessened air resistance, higher torque preventions, and extreme control and speed.

View at Amazon for more information on how this racket could work for your game.

Big Brands Carlton Powerblade 9900

The Big Brand’s badminton racket comes as a black racket with yellow and black string.

This racket’s high tension, extremely stiff nature, and durability make it a strong contender for smash and control-based rackets.

The racket has a grip size of G4, which features a firm softness.

This helps you keep a better grip on the racket in a more comfortably cushioned manner.

This grip also helps prevent and resist sweat, which can affect your playing ability and grip.

This racket features a very stiff shaft and frame. A stiff racket works well for smash and control as it creates a quicker shot overall and offers extreme control.

This control allows you to a better place and position your racket and shots.

The badminton racket has an even balance weight between its head and shaft. This allows for an equal exchange of power and control.

While it does not increase the efficiency of your racket’s speed and movement, it does not delay it in any way either.

The string tension is set at a high 28 to 30 pounds, so there is greater control than there is power.

This does lower the durability of your strings but does offer excellent feel and sensitivity for your racket.

The durability of the racket’s shape and form comes from the use of carbon during its design.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this racket could work for you.

YONEX – Nanoray 7 Cool White NR7 Badminton Racket (4U-G5)

This white racket with red and black designs is made by Yonex to be a lightweight, carbon based, isometric badminton racket.

Each of these features work well to ensure the racket is well suited for handling smashing shots and providing good levels of control.

The isometric shape of the racket’s head allows for an increased sweet spot area within the string bed.

This region of power will help you complete strengthened smash shots.

The carbon nanotube material is inserted into the racket’s frame and shaft to increase repulsion power, durability, and overall strength.

This is a mesh like construction due to the combination of resin with the carbon and allows for drive shots to sharpen and faster handling.

The racket has a head light balance, the ideal weighing of smash rackets.

This is due to the extreme control offered by head light rackets, along with quicker reactions and forceful defensively shots.

The racket features a 4U weight sizing, or a racket with a weight of 80 to 84 grams.

This is one of the lightest options offered for badminton rackets, allowing greater maneuverability.

The tension of this racket is high with a 24-pound listing. This allows more control to be found in your racket, and greater sensitivity.

The racket also comes with a medium stiffness to help gain more control and create quicker shots.

View at Amazon for more information on how this racket could work for you.

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