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Choosing the best string for your tennis racquet is important to making sure your tennis strings are working best for you.

Babolat makes a lot of equipment that can be used for tennis including strings for you to use in order to replace the older or broken strings of your tennis racquet.

Two of Babolat’s popular string choices are the SG Spiraltek and RPM Blast strings. Both of these strings work as a powerful tennis string for both intermediate and advanced players.

While these strings may hold many similar traits, comparing the Babolat Spiraltek vs. RPM Blast strings will help showcase their differences and reflect which string will best suit your needs and abilities.

What to look for in your string

When selecting your tennis strings, you will need to consider the string’s gauge, durability, and construction.

Each of these features distinguish the purpose and strengths of the string type and will allow you to differentiate between the two Babolat strings in question.

The gauge number of a string type is the measurement used to describe the diameter or thickness of the string.

The string’s thickness will work with the string’s durability and its ability to provide power or control.

A gauge number that is lower will offer a thicker string meaning an increased durability. This is due to the strings thicker nature that will take longer to break apart and will also hold it set tension easier.

These string types offer greater control than power which can be beneficial to many players.

However, the thicker a string the less the elasticity, spin, and feel offered by the string.

These gauge numbers can range from 15 to 17

Thinner strings with larger gauge numbers above 17 will not hold much durability and may lose their tension more easily, needing to be adjusted more frequently by the user.

Thin strings will have a strong sense of feel, spin, and elasticity that will help push the string better.

The power of these strings will be stronger, making them a favorite option for players.

These two-gauge types will play a big part in the durability of your string, as will the construction used to manufacture the string.

A string made with a single material may not offer as many features as one made with double the material or a mix of multiple materials.

The design of the core and wrap of the string will also affect this.

Strings with a solid core often last longer but do not offer as much push or bounce with your shots to add speed.

Babolat strings

Babolat is a popular brand that has been manufacturing and designing strings for years, being the first brand to use a natural gut for their string’s construction.

They create strings for all types of players, from beginning to advanced and a wide amount of options for your needs, whether you are looking for strings with control or power.

Besides the SG Spiraltek and RPM Blast strings, Babolat makes a VS Touch, Pro Hurricane Tour, Xcel, and Origin string types.

There are two class types of strings used by Babolat and other string makers: natural gut and synthetic strings.

These two classes describe the types of material used to create the tennis strings.

Natural gut strings rely on the use of sheep or cow intestine while synthetic strings use man made materials like nylon, polymer, or polyurethane.

Babolat offers three types of synthetic strings labeled as multifilament polyurethane, multifilament polyamide, and polyester.

A multifilament polyurethane string has strong elasticity and power but offers less durability while a multifilament polyamide brings strong tension hold, control, and power with an even durability.

The use of polyester works to provide the greatest amount of durability with good control and topspin to your shots.

There is no elasticity though and the tension is weak.

Babolat SG Spiraltek

The SG Spiraltek string is designed with two basic gauge numbers 16 and 17 holding a more balanced diameter, though there are much thinner options available.

This string will not offer as great elasticity or spin to your shots and lack a strong feel, but the Spiraltek will be incredibly durable.

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This durability guarantees the strings will hold its tension for a longer period of time and the strings will not need to be replaced as often.

As a lower gauge string number, Spiraltek string focuses on offering control over power. This is created by the lack of elasticity that allows the tennis ball to remain in contact with your strings longer than other string types.

The string is also made spin friendly so players looking to put a stronger motion towards their shots will be able to do so.

The design of the string is made for players seeking a more versatile string option that will work well for all court types.

The string comes in four color options, all set at the same size no matter the gauge number selected.

These colors include white, black, blue, and yellow.

Spiraltek synthetic construction

The string is one of Babolat’s synthetic monofilament polyamide core string with single wrap to increase the comfort feel of the string and its durability. 

The wrapping also allows for the string’s ability to hold tension and responsive feel.

The inner core is created as a solid core to amplify the power supported by the single polyamide wrap created through the use of Spiraltek technology made by Babolat.

As a monofilament, the string is created with the use of one material and is given a geometrical shape.

Strings like Spiraltek that use this construct are more durable than other string types with less feel, comfort, and power. There is also a low elasticity.

These features mean players need to rely on their fast swinging pace to reach the strings full performance and powerful shots.

This is what makes Spiraltek a great string option for intermediate and advanced players, not beginners.

Beginners are still beginning to understand their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the game of tennis and will need their string and racquet to provide power while they focus on learning the game.

A more advanced player will be able to generate their own power more easily.

These players will be looking for a string with more control offered so they can better place their shots.

Polyamide is another name used for the synthetic material of nylon.

The use of polyamide allows strings to be extremely playable and durable.

Babolat RPM Blast

Babolat produces their RPM Blast string at a length of 40 feet with the gauge options ranging between 15 to 17.

These are on the thicker side of string diameter’s meaning durability will be very high in this string though other factors of the string may be lowered by this.

The string’s best features are its spin, control, feel, movement, playability, and durability.

Durability is important to the RPM Blast string as it makes the string last longer, helps hold the tension of the string, and will allow for better control over your shots.

This does mean the loss of elasticity, spin, and feel to the string’s abilities. This means power will not be a key factor in the string’s abilities.

Therefore, beginners may not wish to utilize this string for their racquets as they are still learning how to hone their skills and abilities as they begin to understand the rules and movements of tennis.

A beginner will also not be able to fully produce their own power yet, meaning their strings should focus on generating power rather than control as the RPM Blast string.

Intermediate players may not yet be ready for the string type either, especially if they rely on shorter strokes for their usual form.

The heavier focus on durability and control does make the Babolat RPM Blast string a great option for those players more developed such as advanced players.

Players who rely more heavily on topspin for their game will be the best candidates for RPM Blast string as they are the players most equipped to access its power.

Players who use longer strokes will also benefit from this string and its strong sense of control for precision to fast swings.

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RPM Blast construction

The string features an 8-sided geometric shape and is composed of a co-polyester monofilament string.

The high-density material is made as a monofilament string made with polyester material combined with several other fibers in order to compose the string.

These string types are designed specifically for experienced players who have a strong power to their shots.

The shape of the shape of the string is constructed to offer 8 sides.

The octagonal cross-section has a cross-linked silicone coating. These two elements allow for a quick return from the strings after contact.

The control of a string is supported as the string’s shape grips the tennis ball as the string’s surface works to provide an elastic feel.

The string is able to snap back with extreme spin as the strong string bed reconnects.

Babolat Spiraltek vs RPM Blast: Which is right for you?

Both of these strings are made for players who will have a stronger hold on their skills, such as advanced players.

The lack of power from both strings means beginners will not be the best player type suited to manage the string, as it will offer more challenges than benefits.

This can limit beginning players ability to learn the game of tennis and prevent them from growing more in their own abilities.

Babolat’s SG Spiraltek tennis string works as a durable, lower gauge string that focuses on control.

The composition of the string is monofilament polyamide core.

This solid core increases the durability and provides some power to the string.

The core features a single wrap around it to provide a strong sense of comfort and feel to the string.

This wrapping is also added to the Spiraltek string as a way to better hold the string’s tension in place.

Likewise, the Babolat RPM Blast tennis string is extremely durable and has a strong leaning towards control rather than power.

The octagonal shape of the string and the monofilament polyester material of the string give it the ability to hold both tension and durability.

The string does not offer a lot of spin to your shots but works well with players who create heavy spinning to their shots on their own.

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