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It is exceptionally important to be on the same page when you are playing doubles matches in the sport of Pickleball.

The overall play-style has to change a little bit in this format because there are simply more players on the court at the same time.

We are going to explore several of the most important strategies and play-styles to consider utilizing when playing in a doubles match.

These strategies are extremely useful and effective if used correctly.

It is important to understand the benefits and risks that come along with each strategy and we will be thoroughly discussing each of these concepts throughout this post.

Advanced Pickleball Doubles Strategy

Synchronized Movement

Teammates will always need to be on the same page when playing in a competitive doubles match in the sport of Pickleball.

Your positioning as a unit is just as important as your own individual positioning.

You need to strategically place your team on the court in positions that will benefit you from an offensive perspective.

Moving in unison and with synchronization is exceptionally important in doubles matches.

The team leader should take charge and ensure that both teammates remain close enough to combat the opponent’s shots.

You always need to ensure that your team is not leaving a gap on the court.

Opponents will take advantage of mid-court gaps to try and create some chaos among your team’s positioning.


  • Synchronized Movement provides Very Few Opportunities for Opponents
  • Strong Team Positioning is a Significant Advantage in Doubles Matches


  • Vulnerable Gaps must be Prevented when using this Strategy

Prevent Unforced Errors as a Team

There might not be a better way of scoring hard-earned points that preventing errors and using past experience to remain consistent as a team.

Teamwork is important in all sports, including Pickleball double’s matches.

You and your teammate need to work together to prevent errors and try and force errors on the opponent instead.

This should be a priority at all times.

If you ever let your guard down and stop worrying about this concept, then you are opening the door for your opponents to dominate you.

Doubles matches are very different than singles matches, especially when you factor in the fact that you have to communicate with your teammate in real-time and make lightning-fast decisions and reactions with very little time to verbally communicate.


  • Preventing Errors and Outmatching Opponents in Double Matches will Lead to Points and Victories
  • This is an Ideal Strategy to Wear Down your Opponents in Double Matches
  • This Might be the Most Popular Advanced Pickleball Double Strategy


  • If you Fail to Prevent Errors, Your Opponents will Take Advantage and Score Points
  • This Strategy Requires Experience, Tenacity, and Exceptional Teamwork

Quick Communication and Reactions

Another aspect of doubles matches in quick communication and effective teamwork.

You would ideally try and seamlessly work together under all circumstances.

If you wish to communicate with your teammate effectively, then you should come up with a convenient list of single-syllable words that can be used during intense moments in the match.

You need to get into the habit of using quick phrases to work with your teammate to achieve the desired result.

You also don’t want any miscommunications to occur during matches that could cost you the chance at scoring a point.

If you swiftly communicate and react to your opponent’s shots effectively, then you significantly improve your chances of achieving the victory in doubles matches.

Communication is even more important if you plan on poaching in a doubles match, but you need to make sure that you and your teammate are absolutely on the same page when attempting something like that.

We will talk more about poaching in the next section of this post.


  • Single-Syllable Phrases can Prevent Mistakes and Miscommunication on the Court
  • This Strategy Requires Experience and Teamwork to be Extremely Effective


  • Miscommunication is Very Possible if You and Your Teammate aren’t on the Same Page


Poaching has always been recognized as a controversial strategy in competitive Pickleball matches.

Partners absolutely have to be on the same page and have a clear understanding of the strategy before the match is ever played to have a great chance of pulling it off effectively.

If you are unsure of what poaching is in Pickleball, it basically means that your teammate is stealing the shot that is aimed for you.

This strategy completely throws the opponents off guard, but it can also cause frustration and mistakes on your own team if you are unsure how to handle the poaching strategy.

Poaching can be ultra-effective is used in the right circumstances.

You really want to utilize the poaching strategy when your opponent is not expecting it.

This strategy requires a lot of experience, trust, and skill to accomplish.

This is probably not an ideal doubles strategy for newer players, but instead for players that have a significant level of experience playing competitively.


  • The Poaching Strategy is Ultra-Effective in Double Matches if Used Correctly
  • Poaching can Frustrate Opponents and Force Them into Mistakes


  • Poaching is Not Ideal for New Players without Experience
  • The Poaching Strategy shouldn’t be used unless You and Your Partner are on the Same Page

Aim your shots low

Anytime that you elect to aim your shots low against your opponent in doubles matches, you are improving your chances of winning.

It is incredibly challenging to return a low shot and it will likely keep them pinned during an intense match.

You want to place as much pressure on your opponents as possible to try and win.

A lot of experienced partners will utilize this strategy to force chaos onto the opponent’s side of the court.

Nobody wants to have to scramble out of tough situations, but low shots towards the leg of the opponent will give you a great shot of winning.

Power and accuracy has to be achieved by both playing partners for this strategy to be as effective as it needs to be.

You should practice as much as possible to perfect this strategy and then you can use it in competitive circumstances.


  • Low Shots will Pin Down the Opponents
  • This Strategy is Extremely Effective in Doubles Matches


  • This Strategy Requires Teamwork, Accuracy, and Experience to be Effective

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